Rachel Hopkin

phone(s) - (+1) 270 991 5340 -
email rachel@rachelhopkin.com
freelance network Outside UK
location USA
personal website http://www.rachelhopkin.com/
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preamble First as a staff producer at the BBC, then as a freelancer, Rachel Hopkin has made radio for broadcasters around the world, including the BBC, the USA’s National Public Radio (NPR), the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio Netherlands, and Ireland’s Newstalk network. She specialises in productions about music, the arts, and traditional culture, but has also reported on issues pertaining to economics, human rights, women’s issues, and freedom of the press.
network radio experience Her recent productions include Country Down Under (about Australian Aboriginal musicians who play country music), and Musical Migrants (portraits of people who - because of their love for a particular kind of music - relocated to new lands), Top of Form Bottom of Form both of which were Falling Tree productions for the BBC; Banjo Pickin’ Girls and Fiddlin’ Women (a feature about influential early female country musicians from Kentucky for ABC’s Radio National), and a 12 part series about the local traditional culture for the NPR affiliate and the Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology of Western Kentucky University.
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qualifications & background: Bachelor's degree in music, a Masters in Folk Studies, and is currently a PhD candidate in folklore at the Ohio State University. She trained as a radio producer at the BBC where she worked for six years.