the website for network radio freelances

Welcome to the only website dedicated to broadcast freelances with proven experience at network radio level -- no more hunting through long lists of journos claiming "broadcasting" as one of their skills, looking for that elusive person who actually knows which end of a mic the sound goes into. Everyone here can deliver features to the quality demanded by BBC Radio 4 and similar networks. There's no charge to be listed on this site, the only qualification is expertise at a high level.

Quick guide to the site

Behind this website is a comprehensive database of our members that you can search easily by using the menus on the left. Whatever role you are looking for just click on the appropriate link, such as "reporters", and you'll be taken straight to a page listing contact details for all our reporters across the UK -- in most cases clicking on that name will lead you to their mini-CV (though not everyone has provided one yet). OR search by regions, clicking on your area of interest, such as "northern England", still the largest group of freelances here, because that's where this network started.