Andrew Edwards

phone(s) 07960 629401 - -
freelance network Northern
location South Manchester. I am happiest to travel within Greater Manchester. I would consider travelling further afield.
personal website
indie affiliation (if any) Made in Manchester Productions
preamble I report, research, produce on a range of radio productions across most BBC national networks. (In particular Radios 1,2,4 and 5 Live) One of the most important things I offer to a production team is my ability to make good relationships with people. I learned the importance of listening and attending skills in my former career in mental health. These are key to helping people to open up. This is a really useful asset to me as researcher and producer when I identify and contact suitable interviewees. I enjoy working in teams as well as under my own initiative.
network radio experience I report, research, produce on radio productions across BBC national networks. Since 2009 I have worked on a large number of productions eg:
- co-producer of Walking with Whitman for BBC Radio 4 from an original idea of my own,
- co-producer Hello Good Evening and Welcome: The David Frost Story and co-producer Being Here:The Peter Sellers Story both for BBC Radio 2.

Productions on which I have researched / reported include Gay Life After Sadaam award-winning documentary for BBC Radio 5 Live, Louis Armstrong: Behind the Music and Funny Girls both for BBC Radio 2, A Night to Remember and The Lost World of the Suffragettes both for BBC Radio 4, One Week in August for BBC Radio 5 Live.

I have worked on many other productions too numerous to list here and I can supply my full CV by email on request.
network tv experience
other media I have reported, researched, produced, presented for BBC Radio Manchester since 2006. I currently present / produce a weekly community programme for the station. I present and produce on two other Manchester based community radio stations. All these shows have a very large arts / culture content. I review for the British Theatre Guide Online.
equipment Zoom digital voice recorder and Mini Disc. Edit on Adobe Audition and Star Track / Highlander
qualifications & background: Digital Radio Production at Radio Regen in 2005
B.A. University of Manchester
Range of BBC courses
Certificate in creative therapies