Daniel Zylbersztajn

phone(s) +447843630760 - -
email daniel@dzx2.net
freelance network Southern
location SE England
personal website http://www.dzx2.net/
indie affiliation (if any)
network radio experience I have Experience with: Deutsche Welle (DW), BBC Radio Four, RTE Ireland,
network tv experience
other media German National Newspaper: London freelance correspondent for taz, Die Tageszeitung, and Judische Allgemeine, also The (Jewish) Tablet, Open Democracy
equipment Roland Edirol, Sony ECM, Jutel QEP Radioman, Digigram UAX, Tascam Digital, Rode Stereo Mic, Filters, etc.. Windshield w. Dead Cat, Mic extendable Pole Holder,
qualifications & background: B.A. hon. SOAS, M.A. Goldsm., M.Sc. Brunel. Did vocational radio training still cutting 3/4 tape (not that long ago!), working with DAT before training on SADIE