Lovejit Dhaliwal

phone(s) 07966 443469 (m) - -
freelance network Southern
location London but am happy to travel.
personal website
indie affiliation (if any)
network radio experience REPORTING FROM ABROAD: from Sydney, Australia and Mumbai, India filing pkgs, straight pieces and doing 2-ways for BBC World Service, BBC Radio Five, BBC Online, Deutsche Welle, RTE.
REPORTER UK RADIO: BBC World Service - news and feature pkgs for The World Today, World Update, Global Business, One Planet.
BBC Radio 4: Making History, You & Yours, Home Truths, In Living Colour.
PRESENTER: Radio Netherlands International - where I presented the 30' news and analysis programme Newsline.
DOCUMENTARIES: BBC Radio 4: "Ashes of Amritsar" - 1/2 hour doc, as well as a number of mini-docs for BBC World Service and Radio Netherlands International.
PRODUCER - RADIO: Have also worked as a producer for BBC World Service - Newshour, The World Today, World Update and also at Radio 4 - WATO, PM, The World This Weekend, The World Tonight.
network tv experience PRODUCER/REPORTER TELEVISION: BBC The News Channel, BBC World TV, BBC Business and Economist Unit. Worked as a producer on News 24/World overnight, cutting pictures with Omnibus and writing OOV's. Have also worked in local television, setting up interviews, directing camera crews.
other media
equipment High quality mono mic, Roland digital recorder, Adobe Audition
qualifications & background: LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Punjabi, Hindi.
Altogether I've been working for nine years as a journalist. I completed the NCTBJ recognised PG Dip Broadcast Journalism course in 1995, from Falmouth College of Arts. Starting off in local radio I've been lucky enough to work across a range of outlets - BBC Radio 5, BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service and BBC News 24/World. I've also gone abroad to work as a reporter in India and Australia filing back pieces and presented a news analysis programme for another international broadcaster in the Netherlands.