Kati Whitaker

phone(s) 07967-137 676 (m) - 020-7735 8139 (h) -
fax 020-7787 2160 (fax)
email katiwhitaker@googlemail.com
freelance network Southern
location Based in Central London- I mile from big Ben but travels widely throughout Britain and abroad.
personal website
indie affiliation (if any)
preamble One World Award 2002 for radio documentary on Rwanda widows
Shortlisted for 2002 Sony awards for above
Medical Journalist silver award for Does He take Sugar
network radio experience Feature- making:
Radio 4 Sunday, Womans Hour, the Learning Curve, File on Four, PM, World Service : Outlook, Health Matters, Everywoman
Radio 4: Presenter of live religious affairs programme Sunday Weekly presenter for 8 years of Radio 4 disability programme ‘Does He take Sugar’ Various ad hoc Radio 4 series including one of anger and one of beds etc World Service Numerous editions of ‘Omnibus’ on subjects as diverse as DNA fingerprinting, virus searching, the history of assassination, trees , disability laws in Bangladesh, the widows of Rwanda, health care in India.
Presenter of ‘Reporting Religion’
Audio Monitor Audio magazine programme for doctors
Voice-over for various videos and a monthly magazine programme for an aid charity
network tv experience Reporter/presenter
Thames TV ‘Visions’ magazine programmed on religious affairs
Freelance reporter for ‘Breakfast News’
9 months as news reporter and news reader plus director/presenter of three documentaries for ‘The Medical Channel’.
Presenter several corporate videos
Video journalist for several charity videos made in india, Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal and Laos.
other media
equipment Own minidisc player and digital editing equipment (Cool Edit 200)
Sony camcorder, mikes, lights and tripod for video work.
qualifications & background: MA Honours in Politics and Philosophy (PPE) at Oxford University
Common Professional exam in law
Numerous BBC courses
Video filming courses
Just completing course at London University in Middle East and International relations.