Vanessa Nuttall

phone(s) 07966-171 214 (m) - 01829-271 255 (h) -
freelance network Northern
location Based in Chester - an hour's drive from Manchester.
personal website
indie affiliation (if any)
preamble Member of the Institute of Broadcast Sound. Available for Digital Editing, Sound Assistant (studio & OB), Broadcast Assistant & Research work
network radio experience -- 8 years' experience working on Radio & Television Sound in the Manchester Audio Unit - studios and OB's. " Tape Editor, Audio Assistant and Supervisor.
-- Particularly experienced in Radio Drama, both on Spot fx, tape fx and also as Sound Supervisor - eg. responsible for location recording and post production of 'I Love You Jimmy Spud' and 'Spoonface Steinberg' by Lee Hall.
Compiled many features and was responsible for live transmissions.
-- 4 years' experience as a Programme Manager for Network Radio, the Arts Unit and Radio 3. Was responsible for technical output and live broadcasts for Kaleidoscope, Nightwaves and Arts Features.
Researched, Produced, recorded and edited two Arts Features - 'Cassocks & Surplices' and 'Putting the House to Bed' for Radio 2.
-- Produced 'Weekend on Air' bi-weekly - building music and studio producing for 6 hours airtime. As a Programme Manager, trained fully on digital editing package 'Protools'.
-- Researcher on Songs of Praise - eg. Kosovo Crisis Appeal programme.
network tv experience (n/a)
other media
equipment Dat Recorder & mics, studio setup at home. Access to medium sized studio in Chester at the Virtual Business Centre, which has voice-over and post production capability and Protools digital editing suite.
qualifications & background: Fully trained on Protools, also Sonic Solutions. Introduction to Technical Operations Course, BBC Engineering Training Centre, Woodnorton Audio Qualification Course, BBC Engineering Training Centre BA (Hons) Degree in Public Administration RSA Diploma for PA's RSA Stage II and III Typing and Audio Typing