Paul Arnold

phone(s) 07941 356026 - -
freelance network Southern
location Hertfordshire (1/2 an hour from Kings Cross on the train or just off the A1/M)
personal website Electric Whale
indie affiliation (if any) Electric Whale
network radio experience Short-form/podcast
The Chain Gang (story-telling competition for BBC Radio 7) Sony winner 2008. ‘An interesting innovation that successfully takes the participating audience into the heart of the programme content.’ (Sony Academy judges). ‘A proper cliffhanger, and all in 200 words or fewer.’ (The Times).
The Poetry Pod (Short-form project for Radio 7) Sony winner 2005. ‘Brilliant from concept to execution, an innovative idea that brings poetry alive in a contemporary and creative way for a new younger target audience.’ (Sony Academy judges)
A variety of bite-sized features for Radio 7, Radio 4 and online. Including Uncovering Pakistan, and Celebrating Willie Rushton
Video features for the Radio 3 website.

‘Testimonial’ and dramatised sequences for series 2&3 of Radio 4’s landmark history programme America, Empire of Liberty
One Down (daily serial for Radio 4, with online crossword) Pick of the Day in the Guardian, Times and Observer
Six single plays for Radio 7’s SF strand
Arthur Storey (interactive live serial for Radio 7’s Big Toe Radio Show) ‘...the best thing Radio 7 have ever put on air!’ (Radio 7 message board)
The Uncertainty Principle (interactive drama serial for Radio 7)

Numerous trails for BBC Radio 4, 7, World Service and TV

Technical Operations
Extensive experience across network radio. Drama credits include Pinter’s The Proust Screenplay and Betrayal
Light-ent credits include Milton Jones, Boothby Graffoe, and Dirk Maggs’ ground-breaking Spiderman and Judge Dredd adaptations.

Musical Composition
We Can Remember It For You Wholesale (R4, dir. Cat Horn)
Phyllida Golde’s Llangorial Shaft (R4, dir Liz Anstee)
Past Refrain (R4, dir. Cherry Cookson)
network tv experience
other media
equipment Post-production facility in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Suitable for music or speech audio post-production. ProTools v8; PMC monitoring, with Bryston amps; MacBook Pro with Apple Cinema display; PPM metering; 16 channel Behringer mixer; 2x AKGC480 mics
qualifications & background: ex-BBC Senior Studio Manager