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"Sony Radio Academy Awards"
the "oscars" of the radio industry
The Land of the Oval Ball won a Sony Silver Award in the Sports programme category on May 12th 2004,
with the citation: "a remarkable piece of original journalism, charting the social history of a major sport through war and beyond"

"Pick of the Week"


Radio 4's "Pick of the Week" highlights the best programmes on BBC Radio, in the opinion of the Pick of the Week production team and listeners who call or email the programme.

We completed 61 commissions (a total of 100 programmes) in the 5 years since the first "Pennine Production" was broadcast in July 2001. In that time the following 23 programmes were featured on "Pick of the Week":

Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Thomas Midgley - a Cautionary Tale
Children of the Red Flag
Squatters' Paradise
Apprentice to the Past
Treating Strictly Prohibited
Get Rid of that Constable, I want a Hockney
The First Cuckoo and the Last Swallow
Being Yourself
The Englishman who Ran across America
The Cutteslowe Walls
An Exceptional Dog
The Land of the Oval Ball
Three Nights Drunk and the Market Tup
Prehistoric Footprints Under the Sand
Will Power
The Bee Inspector
It Was More Fun by Boat
The Shearing Shore
The Art and Science of the Piano
Electronic Brains
There's No Women like Show-women
The Aboriginal Cricket Tour of England 1868

"Sunday Best"

"Sunday Best" is Radio 4's primetime slot on Sunday lunchtime for its "most acclaimed features and documentaries".

Clare Jenkins' programme "The Shearing Shore"

was selected for the "Sunday Best" slot on 25th May 2003 at 1:30pm


An appearance on the Feedback programme is usually bad news for a producer, but occasionally there are bouquets as well

>Voicing the Piano got just such an endorsement from a listener on the 3rd October edition of Feedback: "Sometimes on Radio 4 there is something perfect, like a swan gliding on a stream. You couldn't change anything to make it better. Such was Voicing the Piano"

last update
24 June 2007