We are four experienced Radio 4 freelance reporters and producers and we set up Pennine Productions in 2000, with the aim of making programmes that aren't rooted in south-east England. So far we've done stories from northern England, the Midlands, Orkney, Canada, Ukraine, Australia, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Austria, the USA, France, Canada, Russia, Namibia and Nepal. In 2003 a legendary book producer joined us as a Consultant & Producer.

In 2002 we converted our traditional partnership into a ¨limited-liability partnership¨ and accordingly re-named it Pennine Productions LLP. In the spring of 2007 we re-named it again as Pennine Productions (Archive) LLP -- by the middle of 2007 it stoped making programmes. It was succeeded by two new companies, one a partnership of Clare Jenkins and Janet Graves as a new company (number OC308259) that carries on using the Pennine Productions LLP name, the other a partnership of Mike Hally and Mark Whitaker that is called Square Dog Radio LLP (company number OC308257)

Clare Jenkins has been a familiar voice for many years as a reporter and presenter on a variety of Radio 4 programmes, Woman's Hour in particular. She wrote the book A Passion for Priests about women in relationships with catholic priests, and has contributed to a range of national newspapers. She has a special interest in India, where she spends most winters, and the Orkneys, where she spends most summers. Both places have featured in her programmes for Pennine Productions. Her latest book Relative Grief, co-written with Judy Merry, was published in April 2005. Click here for Clare's programme credits
Mark Whitaker won a Sony Silver Award in 2004 for his programme the Land of the Oval Ball. Before that he reported for over 50 editions of Radio 4's flagship documentary series File on 4, winning the silver Medical Radio Award in 1995 and the Bar Council Legal Journalist of the Year in 1999. Before going in to journalism he was an academic historian teaching in the UK and abroad. His broadcasting speciality is history in general and the history of sport in particular, though he has also presented a wide range of other features. Click here for Mark's programme credits
Janet Graves started in local papers and went on to work in regional and day-time television, but found her natural home in national radio as northern producer for 6 years on Woman's Hour. She still works as a producer and director for television, and has made several short series of films for Channel 4, as well as her radio documentaries for Pennine Productions. Click here for Janet's programme credits
Mike Hally made numerous features for You & Yours in the early 90s, and has more recently produced The Message and File on 4. Journalism is a second career, after leaving the engineering industry behind in the late 80s. He now brings that experience, mixed with more recent studies in modern and oral history, to his productions for Pennine. In 2004 he founded the Radio Independents Group, the trade body for independent radio production companies. His first book, Electronic Brains, was published in April 2005. Click here for Mike's programme credits
"Readings" Consultant: In a broadcasting career of more than 30 years with the BBC the late Gillian Hush produced talks, short stories and readings in a wide variety of genres. She was solely responsible for the Northern contributions to the Morning Story and later the Afternoon Story on Radio 4 for many years, selecting from unsolicited contributions and also commissioning established writers. She produced serials for Woman's Hour, Book at Bedtime and Storytime, and in the non-fiction field she was the producer of (among many other things) the Alan Bennett Diaries, which became one of the Radio Collection's most successful audio cassettes. She is fondly remembered and greatly missed by us all.
Pennine Productions (Archive) LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
company number OC301841, registered at Companies House in Wales
registered office 54 Caunce Street, Blackpool FY1 3LJ
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