about Square Dog Media & Square Dog Radio

Square Dog Media
is a specialist audio production company, making radio programmes for BBC Radio 4 and World Service in particular, and also on occasion Radio 3, under the name 'Square Dog Radio'.  We make history, science, current affairs and arts documentaries and features, covering all aspects of production from initial offer, through idea development, recording almost anywhere in the world, scripting, editing and post-production to delivery of complete broadcast-ready programmes.  Both our senior partners are qualified as executive producers to ensure compliance with BBC Editorial Standards.  Through this company, and predecessor organisations, the senior partners have delivered over 100 such programmes to the BBC.

We are now branching out into other areas of audio production where high quality is required.  We also offer journalistic and historical expertise  where relevant.  As part of that we are developing 'visualisation' of audio productions, for use on websites, in YouTube etc.  We are also looking at corporate work.

We also work with many and varied freelance presenters, producers, reporters and other contributors.  Our 'regulars' are profiled on the 'about us' page.