Introduction and Prologue     chapter 1 from ABC to ENIAC  
Electronic Brains
              chapter 2 UNIVAC - saviour of the Census
by Mike Hally
chapter 3 Saluting the Moose       chapter 4 When Britain ruled the Computing World            
        chapter 5 LEO the Lyons computer    
Stories from
the Dawn of the             chapter 8 Water on the Brain
Computer Age
chapter 9: the Rise and Rise of IBM           Epilogue    

              Bibliography and appendices   last site update 13/6/05
from the BBC Radio 4 series
Published by Granta April 2005          

"Well researched and a rattling good read, it is terrific value" New Scientist

"If you never imagined being interested in the history of computer, prepare to change your mind ...
'Electronic Brains' is a fund of amazing stories about pioneering people"
Simon Evans, Choice

"Contains completely new information that will delight and thrill ...
a surprise hit that will interest almost everyone"
Focus magazine

"It is people who form the heart of this book ... the fascinating tales that they have to tell paint a more complex picture of the early days of computers than is normally acknowledged ... successfully recreates the atmosphere of those decades" Financial Times

"an excellent introduction to the men and women whose work laid the foundations of the computing revolution." Bill Thompson, Technology commentator, World Service

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